Security Services

“Our first priority is professionalism and excellence; our greatest strength is that we are dedicated to achieving it.”

Safeguard Security is a unique security company that is dedicated to a customer service driven mission. Our officers have special skills ranging from military to law enforcement training. Some of our officers hold college degrees and federal certificates. We are bonded and insured and all of our officers hold state weapon certificates.

As a Georgia licensed company, we are committed to operating a legal and ethical work environment. We are a company that serves the community with honesty and integrity. A custom security solution can be designed to meet your needs for armed and unarmed security. We are also certified in Maryland, North Carolina and Washington, DC.

We provide Security for the Federal Government and Commercial Sector:

Federal, State and Local Governments:

Protective Services                                                       Security Program Management & Consulting Services
– Armed & Unarmed                                                             – Risk Analysis & Vulnerability Assessment (RAVA)
– Roving & Vehicle Patrol                                                    – Job Hazard Analysis / Safety & Heath
– Emergency Response Units                                             – Emergency & Contingency Preparedness
– Surveillance & Alarm Monitoring                                  – Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
– Escorts & Executive Protection                                      –  Shelter in Place / Occupant Emergency Planning
Commercial Security Sector:

Corporate Facilities Security: Office parks, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, credit card and call centers and entire office buildings.

Construction Site Security: Securing workers and supplies including setting up command centers in trailers, alarms, and specialized equipment to protect construction sites.

Commercial Security: Warehouses and Manufacturing facilities.

Retail Center Security: Individual stores, large box stores, department stores, retail chains, supermarkets, and 24-hour convenience stores.

Special Event Security: We evaluate your event, location, number of people attending, and other factors to provide uniformed security guards.

Financial Center Security: Banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, credit card and call centers.

Apartment Security Services: We’re the eyes and ears of an apartment community to ensure the safety and security of residential clients.

Hotels and Hospitals: We’re there to monitor the comings and goings of guests and patients.

Educational Facility Security: We watch the physical belongs of the buildings in addition to overseeing students, staff, and visitors.

Jewelry Store Security Services: Make your Houston jewelry store safe and secure with an armed guard.